let vs var in Javascript

// ES5 Code
var x = 10;
console.log(x) // 10
var x = "Hello Reader"
console.log(x) // Hello Reader
var x = 12.2
console.log(x) //…

Pre-Project Setup

  • NodeJS: Visit the official Node.js website to download and install Node.
  • NPM: NPM program gets installed on your computer when you install Node.js.

Project Setup

  1. Create an empty directory named video-chat-app.
  2. Open up your console, navigate to our new directory, and run npm init.
  3. Fill…

What is Machine Learning?

Day 9: Dev Tool Tools Domination

Day 8: HTML5 Canvas

What did I learn?

Day 7: Array Cardio Day 2

Day 6: Type Ahead

What did I learn?

Day 5: Flex Panels

What did I learn?

Taran Arora

Frontend Developer

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